It’s been ninety-four days since Calista narrowly escaped death at Firebrand hands. 

Ninety-four days since she last spoke with Grant. 

Ninety-four days since learning Bellicise killed her best friend, Rae. 

And, ninety-four days since they stole Dynam. 

Now that Calista understands the undeniable importance of Dynam, she’s determined to help develop and share it with the world, despite her many obstacles. 

But, before she can locate Dynam or reunite with Grant, a close friend is kidnapped. Calista isn’t safe, not even with the protection of her ongoing stardom. Bellicise’s tenacious pursuit to destroy her and everyone associated with Dynam is unshakable. Calista must now struggle to learn who is trustworthy in her world. She must become a strong and capable leader. 

Her friend’s life and the fate of Dynam depend on it.