It’s me! Samantha. 

What can I tell you about myself?

Well, I’m an ordinary person from a town of 600 people called Arnold, Nebraska. My childhood was a lot like a country music song. We went skinny dippin’, muddin’, and rode our bikes into town to go to the swimming pool. My dad, an avid hunter, fed us well on succulent wild game like pheasant, grouse, dove, and venison. My mom, easily the nicest person I’ve ever met, would give me $0.50 in the summer to buy a candy bar from the grocery store if I went into the bank where she worked and asked nicely. Yum! Chocolate!

Growing up, not a book stood a chance against my hungry young mind! I read everything from biographies of Sir Francis Drake to my mother’s old Trixie Beldon novels to classics like Pride and Prejudice. Oh, and the Goosebumps books. My favorite thing to do as a girl was to lie on the thick rug in front of our wood-burning stove and read for hours. As I got older, I began to write shorts stories and poetry, one of my favorites being a poem I wrote called The Thing when I was eight years old. The clash of dark forces and light drew me in. Scary movies are superb.

And now? Well, I read my horoscope religiously every day when I wake up. I don’t believe in horoscopes at all. I like incredibly unhealthy food, especially Cheetos and chicken and waffles. I love Taylor Swift. Country pop music is awesome, and so is rock. Then again, I’ll never complain about a little hip hop for dancing on a night out. I’m terrible at relaxing. I spend most of my time working, writing, hiking, playing with my friends, or snuggling with my cat, Ciaran or my dog, Buddy.

I'm engaged to be married to a great guy named Chuck in August 2016.

Denver is home, and I spend a lot of time walking or riding my bike around neighborhoods, imagining the stories and lives flourishing behind the front walls of the homes I pass by.