Acknowledgements in the Novel - Dynam

Hey all! My publishing date is moved back due to a VERY long flu that attacked me this week. But I did get a chance to achieve a small win -- acknowledgements in the novel. Here they are!




I would like to express my appreciation for those individuals who helped me take a vague idea and turn it into my first novel. I couldn’t have done it without you!


To those who suffered through my first draft, good karma will certainly find you. Julianne Brasher, Joelle Carlson, Brittany Conrad, Melissa Gangl, Raissa Johnson, Barb Peterson, Katie Ryan-Anderson, Sarah Vergara.


To those friends who helped me bring the cover art and the website to fruition, thank you so much. It’s always awesome to have friends who are more talented than I am. Julianne Brasher of Julianne Brasher Photography, Jaime Palmucci of Debutante Media, Taylor Trask of Strategic Blend.


To those people who love me so much they never let me give up. You are my family. I love you. Barb Peterson, Rick Peterson, Justin Peterson, Tania (Juarez) Peterson, Chris Depew, Julianne Brasher, Joelle Carlson, Brittany Conrad, Katie Ryan-Anderson.


I found it easy to write the acknowledgements section.

If you've ever written acknowledgements in novels, what challenges did you encounter?