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"The Feast" Flash Fiction [Friday Fictioneers]

"The Feast" Flash Fiction [Friday Fictioneers]

The curling white mist seeped from the door of the freezer as Helena pulled it open.

“We’ll have a feast tonight.” Her eyes gleamed at the prospect.

“Eeeee!” screeched little Jessica, her tiny white hands clasped in front of her chest.

“But, Mom, the stove doesn’t work without power. Lights either,” her brother Ben said knowingly.

“There’s the grill,” Helena said, squatting next to the sink and pulling the trash can from its receptacle. She reached deeply, bringing out two lanterns.

She winked at her children and took a book of matches from her apron pockets. “Let’s play pretend,” she grinned.

"Skinny Dipping" Flash Fiction [Friday Fictioneers]

"Skinny Dipping" Flash Fiction  [Friday Fictioneers]

I stretch, the artificial turf beneath my mostly bare body scratching my skin as my back arches like a cat. I turn my head, resting my cheek on the second-story deck of the homemade raft swaying beneath us, my slender teenage body cradled above the waves.

“Kristy?” I murmur. “Sleeping?”

“No. The sun’s too hot. Wanna jump in?”

“Sure.” I stand. I gaze to the silent water below and pull the string of my bikini top...

"The Space Between" Flash Fiction [Friday Fictioneers]

"The Space Between" Flash Fiction  [Friday Fictioneers]

She thought of him from time to time. They didn’t speak anymore, though at one time his importance lay in the lap of her life like a colossal dog, too large to move. She couldn’t get out from under him. But that was then.

Now, it was as though they lived in separate rooms of the same home. Doors closed on opposite sides of the corridor that served as a neutral buffer between them. Behind the doors they lived their lives, and lived them happily, but each was forever colored by the other.

Still, the space between was tangible. 

"The End" Short-Story [Friday Fictioneers]

Hi Friends!

I’m back from my honeymoon! Things are finally slowing down after the wedding, and I’m ready to write write write.

I’m also excited to start participating in the Friday Fictioneers challenge, courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. If you want to give it a try, check the info on her blog. Stories are to be 100 words more or less, inspired by the photo she posts on Facebook each week.

Here’s my short story this week!

The End

“I didn’t think they’d get to us so quickly.”

“It’s their way.” His upturned face blazed with the crimson light as it bubbled and expanded, and though the pair could only see the edge of the throbbing mass, both of them understood the inevitability of what lay beyond the building.

“Still. I thought our Sector had more time.”

She gulped as the modified hydrogen cyanide fuel cells began their deconstruction, shooting brilliant points of light skyward.

“Let’s pretend, just for a moment, that those are fireworks.” She reached out and clasped his hand for the first and last time.

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Happy Friday!

S.M. Peterson