"The Sister" by Louise Jensen Book Review

The Sister is the debut novel of author Louise Jensen, and was one of three books I read on my honeymoon. It’s a good thing we had nothing to do but sleep and eat, because those were the only two other things I could make time for with such a gripping book just waiting to be read!

The story follows the “now” and “then” of Grace, a woman who is grief-stricken from the tragic loss of her best friend. It’s hard to have much in common with Grace. After all, her life has basically been one long crap-fest without many sunny moments.

“Then,” Grace is a latecomer to a new school after a tragedy involving her parents. Charlie, a girl with her own clique befriends Grace, and the two quickly become best friends. The bond with Charlie is instant, and when Charlie is suddenly no longer a part of Grace’s life she’s completely lost.

Seeking a connection with Charlie and their past relationship, Grace meets Anna, who claims to be Charlie’s half-sister. Anna worms her way into Grace’s life, and before we know it, she lives with Grace and her husband, Dan.

The characters in this story often treat Grace with kid gloves, keeping secrets from her they don’t believe she can handle. She’s scarred from her past and quite naïve, which means that when Anna enters her life she doesn’t see her for who she is. Instead, she clings to every treasured memory of her dear, lost friend.

That being said, the cast of characters (specifically Charlie’s entire crazy family) is pretty nutty. One wonders whether it would have been better for Grace never to have met Charlie in the first place! The end has a twist I did not see coming. I recommend The Sister to anyone looking for a quick, captivating read.


S.M. Peterson