Goodreads Giveaway for Dynam!

Hey All! I'm running a Goodreads giveaway for my novel starting TODAY!


For those of you that have toyed with the idea of running a giveaway, but haven't quite figured out if you want to do it, I highly recommend it. This is my second giveaway for my novel. The first one had over a thousand entrants! As giveaways are completely free (except for the cost of mailing the book to the winner) you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Plus, it's a way to connect with new readers!

Many excellent articles exist online about Goodreads giveaways and how to gain the maximum benefit from these marketing tools. My favorite is an article by Emlyn Chand on Novel Publicity & CO's website. She discusses how the strategy laid out on Goodreads website is not necessarily the best idea. She's done research to support her own ideas, which I followed to much success in my giveaway.

443 people have Dynam on their to-read list! I hope you will add it to your list as well!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Dynam by Samantha Peterson


by Samantha Peterson

Giveaway ends November 27, 2013.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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Thanks for entering, and please share with your friends if you know other people that enjoy freebies!


Marketing a Novel! - I've Written Something. What now?

So you've written your novel. Someone edited it. It looks all perfect and shiny on your screen. What now?

It's time to learn about marketing a novel! If you've ever considered how to do this, you might have been completely overwhelmed by all of the opportunity for great exposure! As someone with a background in marketing, I enjoy reviewing and analyzing all of the various choices in an attempt to figure out what type of ROI you may get from each one. You would think that someone with a creative brain wouldn't be interested in the nitty-gritty of numbers-based decisions. But I'm a weirdo.

And of course, the best marketing is FREE marketing!

I set up my author profile on Goodreads last week. Why is it that when you start marketing something, it feels more "real" than it did before the marketing? Here is my new Author Profile on Goodreads! And here is Dynam's Book Listing! Yowza! Look at that! I'm a real girl (not to be confused with Lars and the Real Girl).

I absolutely adore Goodreads, though I am curious to see what happens to the site with the recent acquisition by Amazon. As an author, it is extremely easy to set up your author profile and learn to use the site for marketing purposes.

I also got Dynam's Facebook page set up this week!  Success!

I'm so excited to get the word out there! I can hardly wait to put my marketing budget to good use.

What things have you learned about marketing a novel?